December 6, 2019

For Sixers Playoff Berth Is First Step

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When the Sixers take the court at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Saturday night against Memphis, they have an opportunity to clinch their first playoff berth in 6 years.  Currently the fourth seed, the Sixers are just 1.5 games behind Cleveland for the third seed in the Eastern Conference.

Yes, what former GM Sam Hinkie dubbed “The Process”, which has both a cult-like following and very loud detractors, has finally rewarded loyal fans with a winning season and possibly home court advantage during the first round where the Sixers are 23-11 as opposed to 18-19 on the road.  “Trust The Process” has become a rallying cry for the “Hinkie-ites” during record setting losing seasons leading up to this season.  But the process is not complete, this is just the first step.

Making the playoffs and winning the opening round, which the Sixers could do with home court advantage, gives Embiid and Simmons, the Sixers Dynamic Duo, the opportunity to gain valuable playoff experience with the hope that a trip to the Conference Finals, or even the NBA Finals, is now within reach and the chance to complete “The Process” by bringing the first NBA Champinship to Philadelphia since Moses Malone famously predicted in 1983 that the Sixers would go “four,four,four”, sweeping through the playoffs.  He wasn’t far off – the Julius Erving led Sixers went 12-1 in the playoffs, sweeping the Lakers in four straight for the title.

In the meantime, trusting “The Process” has become a lot of fun.


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